JAKA 12 Ponceuse OnRobot

OnRobot sander + JAKA 12 : successful test

21 October 2020

On the occasion of the launch of the new OnRobot sanding machine, we wanted to test it with a JAKA 12 cobot. It is a combo perfectly suited for finishing functions. On the one hand, the JAKA 12 has a payload of 12 kg and above all a working radius of 1327 mm, which allows…

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New Cobot JAKA Zu 18

21 October 2020

Cobot JAKA Zu 18, an 18KG payload for high profitability The weight of the JAKA Zu 18 is 34.8 KG, the load of 18KG, the work radius is 1073mm; the integrated joints have been designed to facilitate its construction and maintenance Big charge Superpower More consistency Speed  

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The new JAKA All-in-one series ever more integrated

1 October 2020

JAKA All-in-one Cobots from 3 kg to 18 kg innovatively adopt the design principles of JAKA S³ (Smart, Simple, Small), and incorporate advanced robotic technologies such as wireless teach, graphic programming and visual feedback. They are revolutionizing the way human-cobot interaction takes place, improving the safety of human-machine cooperation and considerably reducing the threshold for…

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RoboDK the easy PHL for JAKA cobots

25 September 2020

Why use simulation and offline programming (PHL)? It allows to : Program the robots directly from your PC Programming outside the production environment without stopping the production Optimize trajectories by avoiding singularities, collisions… Convert machining programs into robot programs Cobots-Solutions recommends RoboDK which integrates a vast library of robotic arms, external axes… and in particular…

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Cobots-Solutions becomes OnRobot partner

18 September 2020

OnRobot collaborative tools at your arm’s length for your JAKA Cobots… OnRobot has developed a complete line of plug-and-produce end-of-arm (EoAT) tools. These grippers, sensors and tool changers fully complement JAKA’s easy-to-use, lightweight and collaborative industrial robots. They offer a very good price-performance ratio and provide operator safety. See the range of collaborative tools at…

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JAKA Robotics at the CIIF in Shanghai from 15 to 19 September 2020

17 September 2020

JAKA Robotics presents more than 30 applications on 600 m² at the CIIF in Shanghai. For this first day, many visitors were able to discover the numerous innovations.    

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All JAKA® Zu Cobots in S versions

20 April 2020

The S-Series improves the perception of cobots and provides a better experience of human-machine interaction. The JAKA Zu® S versions available throughout the range enhance the cobot “feeling” and expand the possibilities by integrating 6-axis or/and axis 1 force control sensors. View contact force in real time. Easily define the security contact force and force…

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JAKA Factory

JAKA Robotics aims to strengthen its international operations

17 April 2020

JAKA Robotics aims to strengthen its international operations after its second fundraiser Jaka Robotics said in April 2019 that it had raised $15 million in its Series B fundraiser and wanted to expand as the world’s second-largest economy prepares to modernize the advanced manufacturing sector. Private equity firm SAIF Partners led the financing cycle, Young…

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