Cobot JAKA ZU® 7

  • Payload: 7 kg
  • Weight: 22 kg
  • Range: 814 mm
  • Repeatability: ±0.03 mm

technical features

Jaka Zu 7
Weight with cables22 Kg
Payload7 KG
Range of action814 mm
Repeatability±0.03 mm
Max speed2.5 m/s
Number of axes6
ProgrammingGraphic and free programming
Learning consoleMT(PAD/Mobile)APP
Collaborative operationCompliance BG11291, 1-2011
  • Load and high weight ratio (up 1:3)
  • High applicability
  • High profitability


Jaka Zu 7
Nominal power350 W
Operating temperature0-50° C
IP SpecificationIP54
InstallationAll angles
Digital input (at the wrist)2
Digital release2
Analog entry1
Power E/S24V
Base Diameter158 mm
MaterialsAluminum, PC
Size E/SM8
Cable Length6 m
Axe 1

Amplitude : ±270°
Vitesse Max : 180°/s

Axe 2

Amplitude : -85°,+265°
Vitesse Max : 180°/s

Axe 3

Amplitude : ±175°
Vitesse Max : 180°/s

Axe 4

Portée du travail : -85°, +265°
Vitesse Max : 180°/s

Axe 5

Amplitude : ±270°
Vitesse Max : 180°/s

Axe 6

Portée du travail : ±270°
Vitesse Max : 180°/s

open ecosystem and tri-co interaction

The JAKA Zu® cobots are based on linux script language, the ROS driver is provided for secondary system developments. Universal control is designed for the rapid integration of automation equipment upstream and downstream...


Wireless intelligence

Wireless Connection - Remote Programming – Recognition

intelligence-sans-filNo need for a specific control box

JAKA Zu® pioneered mobile control, freeing up control boxes and cumbersome cables, making the programming and control process much more convenient


Remote collaboration without geographical limits

JAKA Zu® cobots allow remote control and programming, and are no longer limited to geographic boundaries. With a single Pad you can also control several cobots

reconnaissance_visuelleVisual perception,
The cobot can recognize.

JAKA Zu® cobots combine hardware and software with vision systems to enable 2D recognition, object recognition, 3D object recognition, color recognition, location recognition and distance recognition

control cabinet

IP SpecificationIP 44
E/S16 digital entries - 16 digital outputs - 2 analog E/S
E/S power24 V
CommunicationTCP/IP - MODBUS TCP/RTU
Power100-240 VAC - 50-60 Hz
Weight15.5 Kg
SizeL400 x H230 x l260 mm