Why use simulation and offline programming (PHL)?
It allows to :

  • Program the robots directly from your PC
  • Programming outside the production environment without stopping the production
  • Optimize trajectories by avoiding singularities, collisions…
  • Convert machining programs into robot programs

Cobots-Solutions recommends RoboDK which integrates a vast library of robotic arms, external axes… and in particular JAKA Cobots.

RoboDK was founded in 2015 as a Spin off of the CoRo laboratory of the ETS University of Montreal, Canada. The CoRo laboratory is equipped with numerous industrial robots and focuses on applied research, making it one of the most prestigious robotics laboratories in Canada.

RoboDK has grown rapidly since its inception and is used by companies of all sizes from start-ups to the largest companies in the world. RoboDK now offers an extensive library of over 500 robotic arms, works with over 50 partners and has thousands of active users.

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