Business solutions

Cobots-Solutions supports you in your collaborative robotics projects, from on-site application detection to production, validation of technical feasibility, training your teams and monitoring your projects

What questions do you ask?

To find out if collaborative robotics will answer a problem in your company, just ask yourself a few simple questions. From there, make the right choices towards a business solution. The Cobots-Solutions teams are made to accompany you.

What is a business solution?

It is a robot sized for the tasks to be performed, it is a predefined and tested effector or tooling and a defined environment with a suitable pre-programming

Benefits for your business, saving time and ensuring you have the right solution at the right price.


Is the task repetitive?

First, robots and cobots are machines designed to perform one or more tasks automatically and repeatedly.

The most common applications entrusted to cobots are: to take a piece and drop it in a specific place, to screw, to fix, to deposit glue, any product, to handle a part as part of a service for another machine, to pack, the list is so to speak infinite. So on the other hand, if the activity involves a lot of changes with qualified staff, robotics will not necessarily be the best answer.

Is the operation dangerous?

One of the motivations for robotics is the danger to the operator. A cobot can perform manipulations in an environment with harmful chemicals or intervene when there are risks to vision, this allows the operator to be removed. It is also a determining factor in choosing to cobotize.

Are positions difficult to fill?

But also, we must ask the question of the monotony of a task and thus the demotivation of employees. In order to restore meaning and therefore motivation, these highly repetitive operations that induce demobilization, a difficulty in filling these positions, sometimes of the least quality; consideration should be given to automating these tasks.

Work schedules ... ?

The question of the time range of work should also be asked. This is a key question in calculating ROI, because the less the machine is used, the longer and more time it will change, the less interest there is to robotize. On the other hand, to have a quick return on investment, often between 3 and 12 months, it is necessary to maximize the use of the cobot and sometimes this requires retouching the industrial process.
On the other hand, the enormous interest of collaborative robotics and in particular industry solutions is the simplicity of implementation and operation compared to a conventional robotic solution.