You are integrator of your own solutions for yourself or your customers, Cobots-Solutions provides you with the full range of JAKA® Zu collaborative robots at the best possible time and conditions.

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The JAKA® Zu range of cobots meets  a wide range of robotic requirements, with payloads ranging from 3 kg to 18 kg and ranges of action ranging from 587 mm to 1327 mm.

The Serie S, even more possibilities

The entire range can be delivered with effort sensors either basic or axis 6 for applications that allow for an almost unlimited number of activities.

JAKA also includes Ai, Pro and MiniCobo versions

JAKA offers almost 25 models to meet all industrial needs.
The Ai range, with its integrated vision and mini-controller (1.1 kg - 24 V DC), is perfectly suited to applications where space is at a premium, such as when a cobot needs to be mounted on an AMR.

The Pro versions, with their IP68 protection rating, can work in high-stress environments. (MTBF 80,000 h).

The MiniCobo, the smallest of the JAKA cobots, with its class-leading design, is perfectly suited to a wide range of industrial applications, even if it is also rather good at making coffee or preparing cocktails (to be consumed in moderation).

open ecosystem and tri-co interaction

Another interest for you integrator, the JAKA Zu cobots® are based on the Linuxscript language, the  ROS driver is provided for secondary developments of the system. Universal  control  is designed for the rapid integration of automation equipment upstream and downstream...