Cobots JAKA Pro Serie

Cobots with the best protection against dust and water on the market.

Jaka pro 5

Characteristics of the Jaka Pro Series cobots

Full protection
Even in tough environments, the JAKA Pro is perfectly protected. Its IP68 level protection guarantees that water, dust and oil will not interfere with the functionality.

Graphic programming
An APP-compatible user interface allows anyone, with or without prior programming experience, to easily assign and monitor tasks with the JAKA Pro. No specific programming device is needed, a simple Android tablet is sufficient.

Drag and drop programming
The positions of the cobot are programmed by simple drag and drop and allow anyone to easily move and adjust the robot.

Plug and Play
It takes only five minutes to set up the JAKA Pro. Whether on a horizontal or vertical surface, the cobot can be simply set up and ready to use.

Secure human-robot collaboration
Safety railings are not necessary around the JAKA Pro, thanks to its integrated collision detection. When a person comes in contact with the cobot, it stops, ensuring its safety.

The most

  • Payload up to 16kg : Choose based on your needs!
  • Larger working radius: Up to 1713 mm!
  • Easy Graphic/Touch screen programming: No need for a dedicated device.
  • Adaptable: Can be installed at any angle (horizontally, on a wall, installed from above, ...)
Jaka pro 5
JAKA Pro 5

Radius: 954 mm

Payload: 5 kg

JAKA Pro 12

Radius: 1327 mm

Payload: 12 kg


Radius : 1713 mm

Payload: 16 kg

Jaka pro 5

Designed for harsh operating environments, it has the coveted IP68 rating, certifying its durability against dust, water and oil (it could operate in a desert or rainforest).

About the Jaka pro 5

  • Some production lines can be either very cold or very hot. Although it is difficult for humans to endure these conditions for a long time, the JAKA Pro 5 has no problem; it is fully operational from -10°C to 50°C.
  • It has a working radius of 954 mm, a payload of 5 kg and a repeatability of ±0.02 mm, making it ideal for precision work, maintenance, sampling, gluing or testing.
  • It combines flexibility with the latest robotic technologies, including graphical programming, wireless connection and advanced collision detection, ensuring safe human-robot collaboration.

Jaka pro 12

In metalworking, automotive parts production, 3C electronics and many other industries, robotic arms should have high protection!

About the Jaka pro 12

  • Whether outdoors, in wind and rain, or around frequent oil splashes, the JAKA Pro 12, with IP68 quality protection, can continue to operate up to 50,000 hours without interruption.
  • It fits perfectly in environments with difficult temperatures for workers, fully operational from -10 ° C to 50 ° C.
  • With a working radius of 1,327 mm and a payload of 12 kg, it is an expert in metal cutting, grinding, machine maintenance and other tasks with metal chips, sawdust, oils or other liquids. It can be used just as effectively in agricultural automation as in manufacturing.
  • The JAKA Pro 12 can be installed at any angle and can be immediately integrated into a production line using drag and drop programming.

Jaka pro 16

The JAKA Pro 16 is the largest of the Pro series. With its large range of action, it can carry distant and heavy loads with efficiency. It will be the ideal companion on an AMR (autonomous mobile robot).

About the Jaka pro 16

  • It can handle payloads up to 16 kg, with a working radius of 1713 mm.
  • It is very accurate, with a repeatability of ±0.02 mm.
  • Its IP68 rating ensures that it can operate fully in dusty or humid environments, making it ideal for machining, automotive, agriculture, food processing and more.
  • It can operate in environments with temperatures ranging from -10°C to +50°C.
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