Cobots-Solutions trains you and supports you throughout your project

The success of your project

Two essential aspects for the success of a cobotisation project within your company, the acceptance of this new "companion" and the proper exploitation of it. This requires, on the one hand, integration from the beginning in the team project, but also by appropriate training.

  • The first part makes it possible to raise awareness and above all to dedramatize the arrival of the cobot which is not intended to replace the operator, is also important to define the distribution of tasks between the machine and the human and define where the added value is.
  • Training is extremely important, even if the cobots are easy to handle and pilot by an inexperienced operator. But to gain autonomy and exploit the full potential of cobots, a collaborator mastering collaborative robotics applications will further improve ROI.

Cobots-Solutions offers 2-day or à la carte training with specific programming modules can be implemented according to your needs...


Training content

  • An Introduction to Collaborative Robotics
  • Introducing the material
  • Working cell configuration
  • Programming the cobot
  • Security features

This training is aimed at installation drivers/Integrator/Technical Profile

Site audit and tutoring

Our team travels to your site for 1/2 day and interacts with you to get an objective view of your production and understand your issues.

We diagnose the potential for efficiency that can be gained, either by post or on the production line.

Then we exchange, in order to share a vision of productivity deposits in terms of equipment and organization.

Tutoring can be done in advance of the investment to help you write the functional analysis, or to model your workstation. Or as a result of your cobot installation, it may be a commissioning aid, accompanying you to improve programming or trajectories, or simply accompanying operational teams.



Cobots-Solutions supports you in your quest for productivity, as cobotisation is now a real growth opportunity.

In order to meet the decline in skilled labour resources and associated rising costs, automation meets these expectations.

Collaborative robots are a solution.