Industry solutions

Cobots-Solutions develops business packages: cobots - devices - software - tools adapted to your business for assembly, finishing, handling, or control... These on-shelf solutions make it easier to:

  • Implementation,
  • Taking control,
  • And allow quick ROI.

The industry solutions developed by Cobots-Solutions are particularly suited to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in all sectors. This is due to a low integration and operating cost, highly flexible and transportable JAKA® Zu cobots allow installations in small spaces and without protective cages.

In addition, in order to accelerate the competitiveness of French companies, the French government has extended the over-amortization scheme for 2020, which can be combined with regional aid, thus minimizing the costs of cobotisation




You are integrator of your own solutions for yourself or your customers, Cobots-Solutions provides you with the full range of JAKA® Zu collaborative robots at the best possible time and conditions.

For integrators, the Cobots-Solutions team will provide you with specific support so that you can save time in the development of your proposals and projects. Become a Cobots-Solutions Partner Integrator.




Two essential aspects for the success of a cobotization project within your company, the acceptance of this new "companion" and the proper operation of it. This requires, on the one hand, integration from the beginning in the team project, but also by appropriate training..

Training is extremely important, even if the cobots are easy to handle and pilot by an inexperienced operator. But to gain autonomy and exploit the full potential of cobots, a collaborator mastering collaborative robotics applications will further improve ROI.

Cobots-Solutions supports you in your quest for productivity, as cobotisation is now a real growth opportunity.



Cobots rental


Bénéficier toujours des robots dernier cri et en parfait état, en limitant les à-coups de trésorerie, grâce à la location.

  • Preserve cash and retain equity
  • To respond to a peak in activity, the easy-to-implement JAKA® Zu cobots lend themselves well to renting

Cobots-Solutions will explore the best opportunities for you, avoiding investments or simply to meet additional activities.


What makes our robots unique


Wireless connection

JAKA Zu® the most remarkable difference compared to other robots is its wireless connection


No teach pendant

JAKA APP is available on tablets, smartphones and PCs, with which you can interact with Zu® Robots


Remote support

Zu® Robots is the pioneer of remote programming.


Remote monitoring

With Zu Robots' unique security authentication system, we can monitor tasks remotely or raise alerts