Who are we ?

Cobots-Solutions, the exclusive distributor of JAKA® collaborative robots for the French, Belgian and Swiss markets, has surrounded itself with the best skills to accompany you in your robotization projects. Cobots-Solutions also distributes SRT® Soft Robot Tech clamps for a better response in cobotics.


Cobots-Solutions has chosen JAKA Robotics from among a dozen Cobots manufacturers, after numerous studies, meetings and tests.

JAKA Robotics has met all our requirements for quality, reliability and innovation to create a true long-term partnership. Our engineers have undergon long training within the JAKA factory and research and development centre.

The range of JAKA® cobots covers a wide range of needs, with capacities of 1, 3, 5, 7, 12, 16, 18 kg, with or without  vision, with or without a effort sensor. They are equipped with the latest innovations in robotics to work effectively with operators in shared spaces without barriers. And with the new Pro Series IP 68 for working in the toughest conditions

They are driven with a graphical interface, the simplest on the market from a tablet or a PC connected to wifi.


About JAKA®

JAKA Robotics was founded in 2014, JAKA stands for "Just Always Keeping Amazing". JAKA robotics is a new high-tech company that aims to innovate for new generations of smart cobots and factories.

JAKA inherits genes and technology accumulated since 1979 from Shanghai's Jiao Tong University. Jaka has a research and development department with a strong scientific research capacity organized by more than 10 leading experts and 100 experienced engineers, and over 550 employees. Innovative breakthroughs have been made in many areas such as drive control integration, compact joints, open-source programming, wireless connection, etc. JAKA is on a mission for the "Free Your Hands By JAKA", and facilitate companies walking towards Industry 4.0.

About Soft Robot Tech®

Soft Robot Tech Co. (SRT) is a high-tech company whose core business is R&D in soft robotics. The main members of the team are from Harvard, Northeastern and BeiHang Universities.

The Soft Gripper is a new type of flexible actuator introduced by SRT that can simulate the gripping action of the human hand and manipulate objects of different size, shape and weight with a single gripper.

Unlike the traditional rigid pliers, the soft pliers have soft pneumatic "fingers" that can adaptively wrap the object without pre-setting to the exact size and shape of the object, eliminating the size requirements of traditional assembly.