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Cobots-Solutions has chosen to import and distribute the range of grippers developed by Soft Robot Tech for the innovation and quality of their products. SRT the best answer for electronics and food processing companies....


About SRT

Established in March 2016, Beijing Soft Robot Tech Co Ltd is a creative technology company based on research and operations teams from Beihang University and Northeastern University. The company has a complete set of manufacturing and related process equipment for all collaborative robots.

SRT is a company that masters all design, manufacturing procedures and associated control technologies for cobots, and fills the market gap in the capture, sorting and packaging of fragile, specially shaped objects.

The company has been certified as a national high-tech company, Zhongguancun High Tech Enterprise.

And SRT products have passed ISO9001 quality system certification, Europe Union AP certification, European Union ROHS safety certification, US and Japanese FDA certification, European CE certification.



a wide range, totally modular
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In brief

  • Gripping solutions: flexible, practical and reliable
  • For products: complex and fragile
  • Commissioning: ultra-fast and simplified
  • Fully upgradeable: SRT grippers are modular
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compact pliers SRT® SFG-FTN3
circular pliers SRT® SFG-FCA
adjustable clamp SRT® SFG-FMA4
controller SRT® SCB-18STD


  • The gripping movement of the soft pliers is similar to that of human fingers.
  • They are flexible and can adaptively wrap objects without causing physical damage.
  • It is the ideal choice for customers who demand intelligent, damage-free, high-security and highly adaptable gripping.


Easy to protect objects against scratches, applicable to the assembly, testing, packaging and sorting of electronic products, and also used as a template and attachment for smartphone

Care and hygiene

The chemical industry uses a wide variety of products and special shapes. Sorting applications, packaging for large bottles of shampoo, gel...


The automotive industry with various specially shaped and fragile parts. Suitable for manufacturers of parts for sorting and handling moulds...

Logistic storage

Applied to different sizes and packaging materials, the SRT grippers grip packages gently and firmly. They can complete a series of actions such as marking and sorting.


Small and medium-sized food processing companies with various products. Applicable to vegetable garden products, seafood, pastries, drinks, etc.


Suitable for automated sorting and packaging of medical consumables, injections and drugs. Applied to the production and disinfection of surgical instruments

Fresh products

Can be used for sorting and packaging seafood, fruit, vegetables, cooked food, etc. Can be applicable to the automated production line on which the product changes frequently or varies often


The SRT gripper not only guarantees flexibility, but also does not tilt or rotate, so it can be inserted vertically into a receptacle, gripping several pieces at the same time, completing loading and unloading, for objects of different shapes and sizes.


Glass industry
Toy manufacturing
Logistics storage industry
Catering and services...

Gripping: of food

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of small parts

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Personalisation service

Customisation can be carried out when existing products cannot meet the demand. Depending on the actual requirements of the job, we can help customers choose the right gripper and an adapted robot system...

 Quick changer

The quick changer is a device that makes the industrial robot more flexible by automatically changing the flexible gripper. It can carry out the change of the flexible gripper in a few seconds. It can also be installed together with other emergency grippers to automate the production line, effectively reducing downtime.

Prestigious clients

SRT has more than 60 patents in China and abroad, and its products are exported to the European Union, the United States, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, etc., serving major 3C, power battery, food and automotive companies. Such as Foxconn, Delta, Schneider, BYD, CATL, KFC, Anjing Food, P&G Huawei, HP, Faurecia, Valeo, Bosch, Samsung...

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Only one pair of pliers for
all kinds of products


High precision and speed

high ROI

Lower costs and higher yields


Extremely practical
Multiple security cladding