The famous DH-Robotics electric grippers are in the Cobots-Solutions product catalog.
If you’re looking for a precise, robust gripper, DH-Robotics has the answer, with an offer at the best price.

In the range, DH-Robotics PGE grippers are high-precision electric grippers designed primarily for gripping fragile parts in the electronics industry. With precise force control. Compact size and high working speed, the PGE series is the best-selling product in the field of industrial electric, but not only, as we find them in many manufacturing industries.

Models available:
✅PGE-2-12 ⚙️Froce :0.8~Load capacity 2N ⚙️: 0.05 kg ⚙️Course : 12 mm
✅PGE-5-26 ⚙️Froce :0.8~5N payload ⚙️: 0.1 kg ⚙️Course : 26 mm
✅PGE-8-14 ⚙️Froce :2~Payload 8N ⚙️: 0.1 kg ⚙️Course : 14 mm
✅PGE-15-26 ⚙️Froce :6~Payload 15N ⚙️: 0.25 kg ⚙️Course : 26 mm
✅PGE-50-26 ⚙️Froce :15~Payload 50N ⚙️: 1 kg stroke ⚙️: 26 mm
✅PGE-50-40 ⚙️Froce :15~50N payload ⚙️: 1 kg ⚙️Course : 40 mm
✅PGE-100-26 ⚙️Froce :30~100N payload ⚙️: 2 kg ⚙️Course : 26 mm

Download the DH-Robotics_EN23.11 catalog

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