JAKA Pro Series with IP68 – the highest dustproof and waterproof protection on the cobot market!

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🔸 Payload up to 16 kg – choose according to your needs!
🔸 Greater working radius up to 1713 mm!
🔸 Easy to use graphical programming – no teach pendant

Complete Protection

Even in harsh environments, the JAKA Pro is well protected. Its IP68 protection grade ensures that water, dust and oil will not interfere with functionality.

Graphic Programming

An APP-enabled user-interface allows anyone, with or without prior programming experience, to easily assign and monitor tasks with the JAKA Pro. No teaching pendant necessary

Drag Teaching

Tactile drag teaching allows anyone to move and adjust the JAKA Pro’s positions in-person, easily. Right out of the box, the cobot can achieve task automation.

Plug and Play

Five minutes is all it takes to install the JAKA Pro. Whether on a horizontal surface or vertical, the cobot can be easily mounted and ready to go.

Safe Human-cobot Collaboration

Safety fences aren’t necessary around the JAKA Pro, thanks to its inbuilt torque-feedback collision detection. When a person comes into contact with the cobot, it will stop, ensuring safety.

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