With its mobile and compact design, the MobilRob meets your needs for machine loading/unloading automation.

JAKA 7 MobilRob

MobilRob Axe Robotique


Combined with a JAKA cobot, it brings flexibility to the production thanks to :

  • Fast movements in the workshop
  • Its small footprint
  • Has its simplified fastening system at the workstation
  • A very fast installation and start-up of the JAKA cobot

Extending the time slots of your machines and limiting manual operation, thus improving production and reducing risks becomes simple.

The MobilRob was developed by our partner Axe Robotique.

The MobilRob is delivered in kit, it includes the location of the robot, the mechanical clamping system with V centering on a skate rail, wheels, handle for moving…

In option :

  • Pre-wiring on Harting I/O socket
  • Additional emergency stop in the console area of the frame
  • Safety radar on the front of the cart
  • Second Mounting KIT on centering V

MobilRob Jaka Zu 7

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