Funding records

JAKA Robotics, the world leader in cobot, has completed its financing with a third round of financing (Series C) with an amount of more than USD 50 million. The financing was led jointly by CPE and SDIC, followed by FGVENTURE and China Renaissance as exclusive financial advisor.

Previously, JAKA Robotics received a Series A financing of US$3 million in 2015, a Series A+ financing of US$10 million in 2018 and a Series B financing of US$20 million in 2019.

High tech developments
Young Li, CEO of JAKA Robotics, said: “JAKA Robotics has been cooperating with global customers in key sectors such as automotive, 3c electronics, etc. After the financing of the C series, JAKA Robotics will continue to improve its service system, innovative products and global expansion”.

Since its creation in 2014, JAKA has focused on innovation and R&D in cobots. Currently, it has launched cobots with payloads of 3 kg, 7 kg, 12 kg and 18 kg, and has obtained hundreds of patents.

Today, JAKA has established a number of branches and factories in different cities in China. The JAKA Japanese Technology Research Centre has opened its doors. In the future, JAKA Robotics will establish more branches in major countries and regions of the world to better serve the local market and major customers.

The EPC Manager said: “Cobots have been widely used in 3C, automotive parts and other industries. With the trend of rising labour costs and the decline in the number of industrial workers in China, the cobot industry has entered a period of epidemic”.

“With its characteristics of safety, ease of use, flexibility of deployment and high flexibility, cobot is particularly well suited to industrial scenarios with multiple varieties, space constraints and man-machine cooperation. In the process of transforming and modernising manufacturing industry, the market for cobots is vast”. Says the SDIC director.

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